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10251 Little Brier Creek Lane Suite 108, Raleigh, NC, 27617


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See my google review : Pricing: CPR estimated $100 to replace the battery on my 2nd gen Moto x, which was a little pricier than other shops I had called (less than $75). However my phone provider, Republic Wireless, offered a $50 discount on services provided through CPR, so the overall cost was $57. Timing: I stopped by the store on the day 12/27/18 to order the new battery. I received a call on 1/22/19, letting me know my battery had arrived. I dropped my phone off for two hours on 1/26/19 during which time they replaced my battery. As I was checking out their computer was acting up and unable to print me a receipt, I asked for a copy to be emailed to me (I provided my email address), however I never received a copy. Issues: I realized on 1/28/19 I was unable to hear any audio through my phone (speaker and headjack), though my bluetooth audio worked. As I was unable to hear any audio through calls, I wrote an email to the customer service on 1/29/19 describing the issue and requesting they contact me via email. I called on 1/31/19 after not receiving a response to my email. I spoke with Jack, who informed me he was the store supervisor. He told me to bring the device in to the store so they could take a look at it, without apologizing for the inconvenience or acknowledging any sort of responsibility. I brought my phone to the store on 2/2/19. The gentlemen who took a look at the phone were very helpful (one apologized for the inconvenience, which I appreciated) and came out of the back to show me the problem, and give updates as he was working on the phone. The replacement battery was thicker than the original and prevented some contact inside the phone from being made, necessary for producing audio. The techs worked on my phone for about 3 hours. Their solution was to reseal my phone with a strong adhesive so the necessary contact would be made to produce sound. Summary: Displeased with management and lack of customer service. The employees I interfaced with were polite, empathetic and competent. To this day, I have yet to receive a response from the original email inquiring about the issues. This and the other lack of follow-up tells me CPR is uninterested in cultivating and maintaining long-term customers. Cannot say if this issue would have occurred at other stores, but absolutely makes me question the overall expertise CPR provides (especially considering the tendency for higher pricing). Am very disappointed that a simple battery replacement was so problematic, affected my phones functionality and consumed a large amount of my personal time. Though the issues with the repair were resolved, I am incredibly disappointed by the lack of concern/customer support I received from management.

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